A Solid System Design for In-App Customer Support

FPCS worked with UJET to design and build the backend for their MVP customer interaction platform


UJET is a technology company that offers a revolutionary customer interaction platform available via SDK to app developers on iOS and Android.

San Francisco, CA

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The Challenge

In 2015 UJET set out to tackle the problems associated with poor customer support experiences. At the time, 89% of consumers, had at some point, defected to a competitor due to a poor customer service experience.

The initial UJET product focused on improving customer support offered by call centers. Spoken Communications 2015 Call Center Report concluded that 77% of customers preferred phone calls over other means of support, 69% had to often repeat account details on the same call, and 72% reported hold times, which were too long.

Key Insights

UJET aimed to fix these issues by offering an iOS/Android SDK, which would allow smartphone apps to integrate with the UJET customer service platform. Users would be able to schedule a live-agent call-back at a preferred time, securely authenticate the customer in real-time via fingerprint or passcode and maintain the customer’s credentials throughout the duration of the call on a CRM compatible widget.

UJET approached Flower Press Creative Studio with this initial feature set in order to commission the back-end of their MVP product. Our engineers worked with an embedded team-. While UJET was solving an initial problem set for a beta customer, their architecture needed to be flexible-. As such, we approached the build with this key Product Insight:

The backend system must be built in a clean way that needed to be modular so features could be easily added or taken away.

The Solution

This Product Insight heavily impacted our approach to the build. FPCS worked with the UJET team to build supporting architecture for the customer experience allowing callers to schedule, interact with and rate an agent. On the agent side, our architecture supported the, call detail view, agent scheduling and CRM widget.

Within months of the MVP, UJET received investment funding and built an internal team. Their product now includes many additional features such as chat, IVR and web offerings. UJET has wide adoption with several companies in the IoT and banking and insurance sectors.

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