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Insurance Lounge engaged FPCS to design and build a site to provide late-career professionals with targeted retirement planning tools.


Insurance Lounge is a startup focused on making insurance purchasing and management easy and accessible. Their retail store purchasing experience, as well as, their online and mobile app experiences offer the ability to shop, purchase and manage insurance from 100s of carriers all in one place.

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The Challenge

Late career professionals are in trouble. As of last year nearly 9 million senior citizens were still working, more than twice as many as in the year 2000, per The Washington Post. Baby Boomers, more than any previous generation, have failed to plan adequately for retirement. An alarming 25% of retirees have saved less than $1000 for retirement according to the Employee Benefit Research Institutes 2017 Confidence Survey. 55% of workers and 38% of retirees had less than $50,000 saved! With 76% of Baby Boomers not confident that they have enough saved to retire, retirees are in need of planning tools and services to aid in their transition.

Insurance Lounge works with many retirees in their primary insurance business. In this capacity, they have access to many tools, products, and programs, which could be helpful to this demographic. They wanted to find a way to make a difference.

Key Insights

Insurance Lounge engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to examine the issue. We conducted interviews with stakeholders, late-career professionals, and retirees. Insurance Lounge had access to many programs and tools, which could serve different sectors of the Baby Boomer population, however, they were unsure how to present them. Similarly, late-career professionals and retirees were unsure how to proceed. All of these conversations led to one key insight:

Late-career professionals are in need of proactive planning tools to aid in the transition to retirement. The amount of information available is overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Potential retirees need personalized recommendations.

This Product Insight heavily influenced our design direction

The Solution

With Product Insights in mind, we started mapping out potential solutions. One thing was clear, whatever information we presented to late-career professionals needed to be personalized and tailored to individual needs.

We worked with stakeholders to analyze offerings and found that products and services ranging from investments, protected growth and lifetime income to wealth transfer strategies could be classified and categorized. We were able to order offerings based on career position, assets and preferences in order to make personalized recommendations.


We launched with a simple landing page asking late-career professionals to enter their age, retirement assets, and career position.

Based on these demographics, relevant offerings can be presented. This approach is much more straightforward than trying to sift through large quantities of information.

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The result is a clear and effective path forward, toward retirement planning.

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