OneBreath Marketing Website
OneBreath Marketing Website

A website to promote an affordable ventilator to growing markets

The Challenge

OneBreath Ventilators is funded by benevolent investors, who are more focused on the social good than the bottom line. The company was started in direct response to a growing need for high-quality medical equipment in developing markets. In parts of Asia and India, the situation is so dire that hospitals rely on outdated, donated equipment that may not be fully functional. The cost of manufacturing and maintaining equipment is high, and training staff is a challenge. OneBreath offers ventilators that are affordable, portable, and easy to use. Their website needed to communicate their offerings to medical practitioners worldwide to get this equipment into the hands of those who need it.

The Outcome is a visually compelling marketing website that highlights the features and benefits of the OneBreath ventilator. Users can learn about the company and investors behind the product and learn more about the ventilator’s unique features and benefits. Downloadable datasheets require user registration, which helps OneBreath build its marketing list. The website is built in WordPress, which allows executives to post content, update photos and descriptions. SEO is essential for this website, so frequent website updates are important.

The new website does an excellent job of showcasing the OneBreath ventilator and letting medical practitioners learn where to purchase it. This site has been a help in launching our product and growing our sales process. – OneBreath Partner

Our Approach

OneBreath engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to design and build a marketing website for their ventilator product. Unlike many companies in this space, OneBreath is a single-product company. The site had to be visually clean and to the point to target both a technical and non-technical audience. The site had to be easy-to-maintain, so busy executives could update it regularly. We started with stakeholder interviews to learn about content sections that should appear on the site. We were able to extract assets from existing pitch decks and presentations to save time. We created wireframes and a prototype for approval. The product design studio that made the ventilator created renderings for the site based on our specifications. We established the visual design based on existing brand assets to leverage brand recognition. We built the website in WordPress and hosted it on WP Engine, which is excellent for speed, performance, and security.

OneBreath Marketing Website Desktop
Clear photos feature the ventilator product prominently.
OneBreath Marketing Website Mobile Phones
Full features are accessible on mobile.
OneBreath Marketing Website Tablet
Selling points and benefits are clearly spelled out.

Ongoing Growth launched recently along with the public release of their ventilator. They are launching sales efforts to increase knowledge of the product and help with adoption. The website is a central hub for information about the OneBreath ventilator, and we expect to see content grow over time. As word of this product spreads, we hope many to benefit from the launch of this well-designed ventilator and other products, which may follow.