Improved Usability for a Leader in Digital Asset Management

FPCS worked with Modula4 to improve usability on their primary digital asset management product, Web Module


Modula4 is a technology company that provides digital asset management solutions built on the Canto Cumulus infrastructure

San Rafael, CA

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The Challenge

Modula4 is a leading provider of digital asset management (DAM) systems built on Canto Cumulus infrastructure. Their systems allow for increased functionality, customization and access that is not possible with the base Canto Cumulus system. In 2015, after many years of growing their products organically, Modula4 was looking to improve the user experience on their primary product, Web Module. They needed to overhaul and modernize the system to remain competitive in the marketplace. Their goal was to renovate the user experience, then include Web Module in a larger suite of products branded DAM4.

Key Insights

Modula4 engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to conduct a product audit and redesign. We started by conducting stakeholder interviews. Customer support representatives with first-hand customer experience offered meaningful insights about the UI being dated and cumbersome, images being too small, and important features being hard to find. Upper management offered additional feedback. Our conversations led to this key Product Insight:

The current system only allowed images to be grouped into fixed “folders” and then manipulated. However, users wanted to be able to group images “on the fly” and export, download, print or batch edit them. Allowing for flexible grouping and editing of digital assets would set Web Module apart.

The Solution

This Product Insight heavily impacted our design direction. Our revised interface, allows users to group content “on the fly” and manipulate the content directly. It also supports adding digital assets to fixed collections to enable additional features such as sharing and tracking assets.


The flexible interface, allows digital asset managers to work in more fluid and efficient ways. They can fulfill requests, with on-the-fly functionality, while still maintaining the organization and sharing afforded by fixed collections.

Modula Modula

After updates to Web Module launched in 2016, Modula4 set about rebranding their offerings and launching the DAM4 platform. They have seen an increase in signups and customer retention, and maintain a dominant presence in the digital asset management market.

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