A Modern Site Increases Adoption for Leaders in Medication Management

FPCS worked with Mango Health to design and implement a modern, responsive site to compliment their popular mobile app


Mango Health is a group of designers, technologists and clinicians who provide a leading app for medication management on iOS and Android

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The Challenge

Mango Health is a team of designers, technologists, and clinicians who provide a popular app for medication management. When it first launched, the app was primarily marketed to doctors and hospitals, who promoted it selectively to patients. In 2016, with the app gaining popularity on iOS, Mango Health was preparing to launch their app on Android and begin marketing to consumers directly.

The company needed a clean, compelling marketing website to communicate the benefits of medication management to a lay audience. Their target users were older and non-technical. How should the brand be presented?

Key Insights

Mango Health engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to help examine the issue. Internal designers and marketing professionals at Mango Health teamed up with FPCS to distill down major selling points for the app. Our stakeholder interviews led to this Product Insight:

Mango Health is all about simplifying the management of a complex medication routine, discovering drug conflicts and keeping people motivated and on-track. The website needs to be clean, simple and visually rich to communicate these ideas.

The Solution

This Product Insight heavily impacted our design direction. Starting with sample screens provided by internal designers, we focused on simple imagery showing medication management as a part of daily life. We included slide shows discussing features and benefits of the app, and prominent download links to direct users to install the app.


The result is a visually compelling, beautiful experience that provides all of the necessary information.

mango3 mango3

With this site, and the release to Android, the Mango Health app has grown in popularity. The app maintains a 4.5 star rating in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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