Insurance Lounge Web App
Insurance Lounge Web App

Simplifying the process of shopping for, selecting, and purchasing insurance

The Challenge

The insurance market is changing. Millennials and Generation-Z are entering the market, baby-boomers are retiring, and consumers expect to achieve more in less time. People are looking toward online tools to ease the burden of shopping, and insurance shopping is no different. Insurance Lounge was looking to push its retail business model further and launch an updated experience to help consumers shop, select, and purchase insurance for all major categories quickly and easily from a modern web app.

The Outcome is a web app built in React, which enables customers to shop, select and purchase auto, home, life, and health insurance. The site is fully responsive, providing an ideal user experience across devices. Insurance Concierges (Insurance Lounge's licensed agents), are available via chat to aid with product selection, answer questions, and help users fill in insurance questionnaires. Customers can set up policies with major carriers from the comfort of their home with no-commission agents looking out for their personal interests.

The new online experience is like night and day. The site is mobile-friendly, and it has advanced interactive features that make it easier for customers to complete insurance questionnaires. The fantastic part is that our Insurance Concierges can work right alongside customers as they shop, select, and purchase policies. It is personal and convenient. – CTO, Insurance Lounge

Our Approach

Insurance Lounge engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to design and build a web app to replace an aging website. The original site, created in 2012, was optimized for desktop-only and offered iFramed quoting flows, which provided an inconsistent user experience. The company wanted to meet the growing need for high-quality online tools to provide comparative shopping across auto, home, life, and health insurance. Culturally, Insurance Lounge is very focused on providing a low-pressure environment. Their Insurance Concierge staff works on a non-commissioned basis and offers high-quality, personalized advice to customers. As we approached the creation of their web app, we felt it was essential to maintain a personal connection with Insurance Concierges throughout the insurance buying process.

We met with stakeholders, including the company CEO, CTO, and several licensed agents, to discuss the project's goals. We created workflows, wireframes, and prototypes to represent the updated user flow. We set up usability tests with end-users to gather additional feedback. We worked all feedback and requirements into the plans and created the web app using React. Following the initial build, we launched into beta with the auto quoting flow.

Project Image Insurance Lounge Desktop
An engaging homepage welcomes users to the site.
Project Image Insurance Lounge Tablet 001
Important information about plans and carriers is easily accessible.
Project Image Insurance Lounge Tablet 002
Insurance quoting flows are personalized, offering only relevant information.
Project Image Insurance Lounge Tablet 003
Users can quote one or more insurance policies with the same entries, reducing the need for redundant data entry.
Project Image Insurance Lounge Tablet 004
Users are guided through each step of the process with a clear progress bar.
Project Image Insurance Lounge Tablet 005
Insurance Concierge staff are available to answer questions if problems arise.
Project Image Insurance Lounge Tablet 006
Insurance Lounge selects silver, gold and platinum coverage packages and returns prices for each from major carriers.

Ongoing Growth

Insurance Lounge is making ongoing enhancements to its web app, which will continue to streamline and simplify the process of shopping for, selecting, and purchasing insurance. Their strong emphasis on customer service and locating the right coverage for each customer has led to exceptional growth and brand loyalty. We expect to see great things happen as this tool continues to advance.