Showcasing a Major Brand Selling Point Increases Business

FPCS worked with the Daitan Group to design and implement a modern, responsive site to emphasize their key selling points


Daitan Group is a software development company focused on the telecom industry with offices in Silicon Valley and Brazil.

San Ramon, CA

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The Challenge

Daitan Group is a software engineering company that was established in 2004 with deep roots in the telecom industry. In 2015, they were experiencing stagnation in business growth, despite their consistent, high-quality project delivery and well-established teams.

Key Insights

Daitan Group engaged Blue Dots Partners in Palo Alto to examine the issue. Blue Dots determined that their primary brand selling point was increasing speed-to-market and helping client companies to capture more of the demand curve. They established a new tagline “Accelerating” to communicate this idea.

Daitan Group engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to partner with Blue Dots to bring this new messaging to their brand identity, website, and related marketing materials. We began with stakeholder interviews. Our goal was to understand what information needed to be presented on the website to support the concept behind the “Accelerating” tagline. We talked with managers, sales executives, and clients. Our conversations lead to this Product Insight:

Clients want to hear about the Daitan Group approach, but they also need real-world examples, demonstrating how increased speed-to-market led to successful growth by client companies.

The Solution

This Product Insight heavily impacted our design direction. The new site leads with speed-to-market as a primary selling point and backs it up with client testimonial videos, case studies, and work process descriptions.


The result is a clean, modern site with simple graphics, in-depth case studies and imagery of the Daitan Group team.

daitan3 daitan3

Since the time of launch, the Daitan Group has seen their business growth take off.

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