ChartMedic App

An app to simplify the process of completing medical paperwork

The Challenge

Medicine is complicated. Making a proper diagnosis relies on access to complete health information. Yet, the process of collecting health history is time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. When patients come in for their appointment, they are greeted with a stack of questionnaires to complete. Doctors who already have limited time with the patient must take much of it to review responses and ask clarifying questions. This experience detracts from examining the patient, observing, and connecting to form a proper diagnosis.

The Outcome

The ChartMedic App is a patient-facing digital tool that simplifies the process of collecting health information. Simple yes, no, and multi-select questions require no typing. The app connects with the ChartMedic Clinic Portal, which is accessible to front desk and medical staff members. Responses can be quickly processed and transferred to Epic or any centralized hospital database system. The app collects the right information quickly and easily, allowing the doctor to spend more time with the patient, leading to improved outcomes.

When I became a doctor, things were different. We got to spend time with the patient, talking and listening. With the advent of electronic medical records, our time was split between the patient and typing in their responses to questions. I wanted to see an improvement in the patient and doctor experience, so I created ChartMedic. – ChartMedic Founder & Infectious Disease Doctor

Our Approach

ChartMedic, Inc., engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to build an app to replace an inefficient and error-prone paper process. As an infectious disease doctor, the Founder is intimately aware of hospital systems and requirements. He created initial software system designs for the ChartMedic App and ChartMedic Clinic Portal. We worked with the Founder and other key stakeholders to refine each user flow, and create prototypes for the complete experience. At each stage, we met with stakeholders to discuss refinements, pain points, and usability.

Once initial system designs were complete, we worked to design and develop the ChartMedic App in Android. We tested early prototypes with end-users to gain usability feedback and make improvements to interactive features. The app integrates with a custom API that informs the ChartMedic Clinic Portal experience. The UI for the app is intentionally simple, focusing the user on the completion of interview questions.

Project Image ChartMedic Tablet 001
Front desk staff setup each patient interview based on data collection requirements.
Project Image ChartMedic Tablet 002
A welcome screen introduces patients to the app.
Project Image ChartMedic Tablet 003
Questionnaire instructions offer the patient important information.
Project Image ChartMedic Tablet 004
Patients may be asked to answer questions on a scale of 1 to 10.
Project Image ChartMedic Tablet 005
Patients may be asked to answer multiselect questions.
Project Image ChartMedic Tablet 006
When the interview is completed responses automatically transfer to the ChartMedic Clinic Portal.

Ongoing Growth

The ChartMedic App and ChartMedic Clinic Portal are currently in a public beta. Early feedback is positive, and we expect to launch to the public within the next year. The ChartMedic App is part of an integrated system. Read more about the ChartMedic Clinic Portal and the ChartMedic Marketing Website on their project pages.