ChartMedic Clinic Portal

Simplifying the process of collecting and reviewing patient health data

The Challenge

Experienced medical practitioners understand the challenges that come along with collecting and managing patient health data. Organizations are balancing written forms with electronic medical records and ensuring that doctors and nurses have the information they need to make an accurate diagnosis during each patient appointment. Patients are asked redundant questions and often have to repeat information to nurses, doctors, and medical staff during their limited time at the doctor's office. These inefficiencies lead to confusion and less time for patients and doctors to interact.

The Outcome

The ChartMedic Clinic Portal is a web application that integrates with the ChartMedic App to centralize patient questionnaire responses. Each questionnaire is filled out in the ChartMedic App, and answers appear seamlessly in the ChartMedic Clinic Portal. Providers review responses and transfer them to critical hospital database systems such as Epic. ChartMedic, Inc. collaborated with medical practitioners in key specialties to design questionnaires to gather key, necessary information. Hence, doctors and nurses have the data they need to deliver superior patient care.

Improving the collection and management of crucial patient health data was a critical objective in designing this product. ChartMedic ensures that the entire practice of medicine is simplified, and the experience is better for everyone. – ChartMedic Stakeholder

Our Approach

ChartMedic, Inc. engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to design and build the ChartMedic Clinic Portal. When we took over the project, engineers had written parts of the Angular application with a custom API integration. The foundation was good, but the project lacked user experience planning and oversight, making all the disparate pieces challenging to bring together. We continued work with this platform because the previous team had laid a large foundation; however, we had to pause development and plan out the end-to-end system design to ensure that everything was accounted for in our execution.

We started working through the user experience. This work involved interviewing key stakeholders and creating detailed wireframes and prototypes. ChartMedic offers staff roles for front desk users, providers, clinic administrators, and medical organization administrators within each account. Each position has vital features and permissions we had to clarify and define. Questionnaires completed on the ChartMedic App appear in the ChartMedic Clinic Portal, and the system allows providers to access this data. The system includes specialized controls around user privacy to ensure HIPPA compliance. Administrator roles also include different views for usage, billing, and activation of questionnaires within the medical organization.

Following system design, we proceeded to brand identity and visual design. We created screens for all major interactions and involved our development team to complete the browser-side Angular code creation. Our team collaborated with the API developer to plan our endpoints and permissions so the system ran quickly and efficiently.

After completing the major roles, we worked with stakeholders to design a beta study and gather feedback from end-users. We used this information to make adjustments and develop onboarding materials for each role.

Project Image ChartMedic MobileView 001
Within each clinic users have specific roles. Clinic branding can be added.
ChartMedic Portal Desktop 002
Clinic interviews appear in a filterable list view.
ChartMedic Portal Desktop 002
Patient responses can be reviewed and transferred to Epic.
Project Image ChartMedic MobileView 001
Each user role has onboarding materials to ensure easy understanding of the system.

Ongoing Growth

The ChartMedic App and ChartMedic Clinic Portal are currently in a public beta. Early feedback is positive, and we expect to launch to the public within the next year. The ChartMedic App is part of an integrated system. Read more about the ChartMedic App and the ChartMedic Marketing Website on their project pages.