Insights are everything.
At Flower Press Creative Studio, user-centered design practices are at the heart of our process. Through ongoing research, we uncover product insights that inform our direction. We believe that digital products must be both beautiful and functional, and product insights form the road map to design better apps, websites and experiences.

Steps in Our Process

Workflow Workflow
  • Discovery
  • Exploration
  • Design
  • Build & Launch
  • Measure & Grow


The first step in our process is all about learning. During Discovery, we engage in early research, stakeholder interviews, and market research. Our goal is to define the problem and determine how we can best solve it during our engagement.

  • What you can expect:
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Interview Summaries
  • Affinity Diagrams
  • Workflows
  • Competitive Audits
  • Positioning Documents
  • Screen Sketches


During exploration, we dig into the problem and generate ideas. We start with workflows and screen sketches to examine possibilities quickly. Next, we create journey maps and increase the fidelity of our drawings to complete detailed wireframes. We create clickable prototypes to gather feedback from stakeholders and ensure that we are on the right path. Rapid prototyping and design iteration let us move through concepts quickly and settle on a direction for the build.

  • What you can expect:
  • Workflows
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • User Testing
  • Interview Summaries
  • Build Requirements
  • Draft Content


With our approved prototype and build requirements in mind, we'll kickoff visual design exploration. This process starts with designing your logo and brand identity system. Colors, fonts, iconography, and photography will all be created in concert with the primary brand to ensure a unified interface for your digital product. Visual designs will be compiled into a clickable prototype for stakeholder and user review.

  • What you can expect:
  • Brand Identity
  • Color Palette
  • Iconography
  • Photography
  • Visual Designs
  • Clickable Prototype
  • User Testing
  • Content Creation

Build & Launch

When final screens are available, our UI build team will go to work creating UI code for your digital product. Code is reviewed and tested cross-browser and cross-platform to ensure proper display on all devices. Next, our build team will create dynamic integrations to bring your product to life. Our QA team will review and test your application to ensure that it performs as expected when your digital product is fully functional.

  • What you can expect:
  • UI Implementation
  • Development Implementation
  • QA Testing
  • User Feedback
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics

Measure & Grow

After your digital product launches, you will have a chance to gather real-time feedback from end-users through feedback forms, user interviews, and analytics. Users may request new features or adjustments to existing features. As your business grows, your digital product may need to shift over time. Our team will be available to handle enhancements to your tool and maintenance as required. We partner with clients over the long term and love to see products grow.

  • What you can expect:
  • User Interviews
  • Interview Summaries
  • A/B Testing
  • QA Testing
  • New Feature Development
  • Product Maintenance

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